The PSHS Art Club

Thank You!

“Thank you from PSHS Palo, Leyte!”
by Carl Francis G. Castillo
IV Quark
April 2014
                     Many of you who are reading this is probably familiar with Typhoon Haiyan or should I say “Yolanda”, a name that struck fear and terror to many Filipinos and took almost 6000 lives. How do I know? It’s because I was there and I, together with my family experienced it first-hand. Luckily, all of us survived and was not injured. But sadly we lost our house and almost everything in it except a few dry clothes that were in a drawer. My father said that it was not important instead we should be thankful that we survived. I knew that my father, more than anyone else, was very frustrated at what happened. Not only did he lose everything, He was also worried about the days to come and how to sustain our family after the disaster. News came to us that my fellow classmates were alright, except for one. This shocked me and made me very sad, I only hoped that no one else would get hurt and everyone left would graduate. Every PSHS-EVC parent was called to a meeting in November so I was a bit excited of the outcome. I wanted to see my classmates badly in order to forget about the trauma and stress. My father told me that there was a plan to move PSHS-EVC students to different campuses and continue their studies there. This only made me happier even more, but everything turned black when my father told me that most of the parents disliked the idea and even he did not approve of it. I had already accepted the decision of my father and would have to go back to school in January. We were already travelling to Cebu when my father changed his mind and allowed me to go. It was very hard for him and my family because I was going to be alone and without any support. I too was also sad because I would have to leave my family and be responsible, something I am not. So I went to the airport with only two pair of shirts and one short which I was wearing at that time. It was humiliating but I had no choice but to go on forward. I said my goodbyes and left for Manila together with my classmates and Ma’am Indah.

                    When we arrived’ it was very awkward but the faculty and staff of the main campus were very accomodating. We easily familiarized ourselves with the place and particularlyl for me it was pretty much a dream coming true to be able to stay at the main campus. We had been briefed on what would happen earlier so we knew what to do. When I first attended classes it was very exciting but as we continued to attend the following ones I instantly became confused and rattled. I started to realize that I had dug my own grave by coming here. I was sinking not only mentally but also financially. Good thing that the school provided  P15,000 relocation fee and I was relieved at the beginning because it was a huge amount since I had nothing, I had to start buying things that were not included in the relief such as uniforms, toiletries, shoes and pants. Little by little I did not notice that my money had already ran-out. Luckily the foundation helped me out through the Godparent Program so I was able to spend for my everyday needs or monthly dues. During that time money was not a problem anymore so I was able to focus on my studies. Still I had thought that the teachers were very inconsiderate knowing that we had been through much. My opinion only changed when I realized that these people were sacrificing their time just for us, that they stayed up late just to think about how they would teach us and most of all they were trying to teach things that we would never forget and never know anywhere else. These people loved us and always cared for us as if we were their children. I had never felt such affection coming from strangers doing things like these purely out of goodwill. Through my four month stay here in PSHS-MC I could not have found the words enough to express my gratitude for everything that they, that the teachers that the Faculty, that the Staff, that you Maam Linda have given to us .I was not even deserving yet you had given me the chance and accepted me with open arms. This might sound cliché but these are the moment in my life that I will treasure and will never forget. Even now that I am in such a big debt you still opted to help me even If it was already my negligence and my fault. You were always there ready to help. Again thank you sa lahat. I will never forget this school, mula sa tawa ni Sir Monte hanggang sa eggs ni Ma’am Dawn pati mga satirical comments ni Sir Tolits at Life Lessons ni Sir Vlad, tapos mga Ateneo Fandom ni Sir Mark, mga Star Wars wallpaper ni Sir Kiko, mga jokes ni Ma’am Chupungco, yung guards na strikto, yung masungit na kumukuha ng kanin sa canteen pati na rin yung paulit-ulit na pagpage ng Dorm Manager kapag may nagpadeliver. Lahat ng ito ay mananatili sa aking puso habangbuhay kasi alam ko na di niyo kami kailanman makakalimutan. We were very lucky because we knew we were loved. Again Thank you for everything PSHS-Main Campus. We love you too hahaha!